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pool party baby

chillin after practice at joe's..
me, victor and wendy..
Whole Wheat Bread!! WHAT!! haha
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[Music]: Aquabats - " Hot summer nights "

ouiiiiiiiiii! school's fuckin out, and now i got the whole summer ahead of me, that's right, infinite chillaxation with no limitations! woo hooo
i feel like so much has happened since my last entry, man these past few weeks have been excellent to say the least!
- i didn't end up going to acton, Sexy said there's no way they would let me into the show, something about school policies or some shit like that
- had a few excellent outside parties over the weeks, as well as some excellent crunk sessions with less people
- making out in the rain is..weirdelicious
- i went downtown, just to find out that they don't sell Antics merch at black market (fuckin liars), so i bought a Kid Dynamite cd instead (the self titled one) to make myself feel better haha
- i missioned to dixie mall with Wid, she got a korn hat and i got myself a bunch of cds, cause they were so cheap! (sunrise records baby)
- the david douche song has been recorded and put up on wryf's account weeks ago, and has been a tremendous success so far haha
- watched Eurotrip at Anna's house with Krista, Dan and others.. pretty funny movie haha.. aaaand that night was very cozy (we stayed the night)
- My thesis Restated played a local street party, i went there for a bit, but left soon cause the whole thing was pretty damn gay.. i guess i could have taken some pics anyway before i left but whatever
- mr. dan pham got robbed.. um, the robber got away with his..
- i could give a fuck about all this world-cup shit going on right now
- it was this guy ethan who took all the HILL PARTY pics (i let him borrow my camera)
- we got chased by cops last weekend, thats always pretty exciting , this time we were hiding under a tree & trying our best not to pass out, all fucked up from booze etc (we didn't get caught, but a few other people did)
- i went to Aquabats & Whole Wheat Bread show, as planned, and i dragged dan with me, but i doubt he regrets going, show was extremely good and i have excellent memories from that night
- i talked to Aaron and Mr. White Folks from WWB and took pics with them.. they're really rad dudes
- i got Aaron's guitar pick after their amazing set! SCORE!
- Aquabats set was AMAZING as well, they're so fuckin happy, i love it! haha i got a waterbottle from MC Bat Commander (the singer), also got hugged and pointed at while they were playing some song about love lmao
- i had my hair spiked up...yessir!
- i bought myself both Aquabats and Whole Wheat bread t-shirts.. they own!
- i'm supposed to sleep over at Sexy's tonight, i got a feeling its gonna be off the sheezy
- we plan on writing a cover version of Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind sometime soon! yea, i actually like that song.. it's pretty ska-ish, and we're gonna make it faster and shit, it should sound awesome!
- sexy got kicked out of his new band, which remains a mystery to me, cause he's a wicked drummer! shit, and those songs sounded so good, sucks that he's not part of that band anymore.. wtf?
- i'm going camping with Joe and Varian in a week or so! it's gonna ownnnn!!!
- i've auditionned for the upcoming 50 cent's music video, his reps called me back saying that i'm hood enough to play a major role in the video
- i was THIS close to fucking jessica alba at her L.A. home
- dan and i are opening up our very own pretzel shop in square 1 area

ok now if you actually believe the last 3 things i just said, you must be out of your mind..(too much time in the sun?), may i interest you in an ice cap?
aaaaaand i might be going to see Teeter @ reilly's on friday, with dan.. or maybe i'll go to Stephazillion's prom after-party..i don't know yet
all in all, nothing but good good times this month!
Have a wicked holiday everyone and party hardy, naw mean?


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